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The Concept behind Medieval Days

Years ago, before the business was started, we asked many teachers what they would be looking for if they booked an expert to visit their school and present history sessions for their pupils.

They all said the same:
“We want the children to hold, touch, and do things!”

So we gave the teachers what they wanted.

Everything that we bring along to your school (and we bring a LOT) can be handled by all the children
Yes, we known things will get broken, damaged and mislaid – and we allow for that.
Resources are constantly being updated and replaced.  We feel that being able to hold all the items is the best way for the children to gain the maximum impact from the presentation,

Who will ever forget the day that they tried on a full chainmail jerkin?  Or made a silver medieval coin to take home and show their parents?  Children get the chance to spin wool the traditional way, and perhaps wear a little woollen bracelet that they made for themselves.

In this aspect we feel we are different from some of the reenactors that visit schools.  (“you can look but not touch”)
It’s not about showing off how much we know – it’s all about the pupils experience: one that they will always remember.

We are a proper business – fully insured, professional, and issue invoices after the presentations.
Booking forms are issued before the visit and payment is never requested on the day – invoices are sent to the school afterwards for settlement within 30 days. The cost will always be the same as quoted – no nasty surprises!

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