Short History of the Tower of London

The Tower of London has a remarkable past covering virtually a thousand years. It has had many functions over the centuries– citadel, jail, palace, home for the Crown Jewels, mint, and museum

When construction was started by William the Conqueror in 1078, Londoners had actually never ever viewed anything of the like before. William had stones specifically imported from France to construct the White Tower and its one-of-a-kind Norman design would have seemed very different to anything else existing in England

William intentions were not to just to protect it from overseas attack, but also to safeguard the dominating Normans from London’s very own occupants. For centuries after that, the Tower offered the same objective, offering security and protection for numerous kings in rough times.

As time passed , the Tower was extended till it ended up being a comprehensive complex of strongholds. The 13th century viewed the introduction of a Royal Mint on the premises, along with a menagerie. The Lion Tower was constructed to house the collection of animals, which had actually ended up being a public destination by the late 18th century.

The Tower of London is most likely most remembered today for its well-known record of gunpowder, treason, prison and murder. When Mary took the seat from her cousin and had her locked up and at some point executed on Tower Green in 1554, she was simply a few days into her reign. Elizabeth herself had numerous people jailed in the Tower after she became queen after Mary’s fatality– from aristocrats and dukes to clergymen and bishops.

Both boys of Edward IV, Edward V and his more youthful brother Richard, were housed in the Tower by their Uncle (Richard, Duke of Gloucester) for ‘security’ after the fatality of their father in 1483. The Duke became the king and after continuing to be in the Tower soon after that, the children disappeared.

It was throughout this period that the Tower began to be utilized as an armoury. Throughout the 19th century, nonetheless, the Tower steadily shed several of its features. Middle ages romanticism had actually begun to come to be the fashion in Victorian times and the historic passion in the Tower cought the imagination of the public.

The Tower was still being used officially as main public building. Also in the 20th century, it was utilized as a jail throughout World War Two. Iin 1941– a German military sergeant and spy was killed by a firing squad.

Today, it still maintains its feature as an imperial house and resting place for the Crown Jewels. It’s still safeguarded by its very own Yeomen Warders (much more frequently referred to as Beefeaters) whose function is more to assist tourists as much as it is to guard the Tower.

Although no royals have actually lived at the Tower for a very long time, it still has one extremely important collection of occupants – the popular ravens. The black, long-beaked birds have aledgedly lived there for centuries. Legend states that if they fly away the tower will fall – so for many years they have had their wings clipped!

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