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Teaching History – 2014-09-27 Update #42

A quote I keep in my lesson planning binder to remind me why I do what I do.

teaching history

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Primary School Teacher Recruitment and Retainment

Bringing in and preserving good primary school teachers has always been a enormous task given that they are definitely involved in the educational, behavioral, and interpersonal improvement of each one student.

Teachers around the globe play a critical role in teaching and forming the minds of the leaders of tomorrow. Because of this, proper guidance of teachers is important, but what is more necessary is to check in with your educational team’s development and confirm if the program is running as correctly and efficiently as you envision and wish.

Prerequisites to Teach

To become considered for a placement as a primary school teacher, educational institutions handled by the Department for Education need candidates to have a university diploma in educational majors from a respected college. 

More complex or specialist qualifications based on the selection of schools you are making a request to may need certain other requirements, such as having the ability to teach students with disabilities, as many primary schools in England lean towards an addition policy. It would be inefficient for a mainstream teacher to have handicapped students or students with other learning obstacles without having correct training on how to teach and handle them on a personal degree.

Determined Educators Are Productive and Effective

To adequately control primary teachers recruitment, there must be more benchmarks involved besides just hiring the right hands or academic qualifications. It also consists of keeping hard-working and devoted educators pleased, motivated and offering them an environment that gives them the independence to be innovative with their work. Basically, teaching as a profession must offer high job fulfillment as it is probably the most valuable benefits this profession provides.

Satisfying the Group

Just like students need compliments to gain self-confidence and want to do more in terms of improving their education, teachers too have to know when they are on course and be recognized appropriately with a well-deserved pat on the back. Doing work to provide a successful academic career for students requires constant teamwork and successful collaboration. Creating bad conversation with teachers or school staff can stop part of the important procedure in general. All people in the team need to make contributions and call out to the appropriate regulators when situations are amiss.

Regularity is essential

Teaching can be increasingly difficult today with all of the differing situations of students, teachers, and parents. Connection, determination, and encouraging motivation are just the start of a good groundwork for students and educators. The other important elements necessary to be successful are ongoing observation, collaboration, and consistent rewards for great accomplishments either by students, or teachers. Government run primary schools consider all these elements as equally all-important facets of primary teachers recruitment.



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Medieval Days Blog



The Concept behind Medieval Days

Years ago, before the business was started, we asked many teachers what they would be looking for if they booked an expert to visit their school and present history sessions for their pupils.

They all said the same:
“We want the children to hold, touch, and do things!”

So we gave the teachers what they wanted.

Everything that we bring along to your school (and we bring a LOT) can be handled by all the children
Yes, we known things will get broken, damaged and mislaid – and we allow for that.
Resources are constantly being updated and replaced.  We feel that being able to hold all the items is the best way for the children to gain the maximum impact from the presentation,

Who will ever forget the day that they tried on a full chainmail jerkin?  Or made a silver medieval coin to take home and show their parents?  Children get the chance to spin wool the traditional way, and perhaps wear a little woollen bracelet that they made for themselves.

In this aspect we feel we are different from some of the reenactors that visit schools.  (“you can look but not touch”)
It’s not about showing off how much we know – it’s all about the pupils experience: one that they will always remember.

We are a proper business – fully insured, professional, and issue invoices after the presentations.
Booking forms are issued before the visit and payment is never requested on the day – invoices are sent to the school afterwards for settlement within 30 days. The cost will always be the same as quoted – no nasty surprises!

Please click  HERE  to enquire about a booking.

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