What We Offer

“It’s like bringing a museum to the school!”
– Ms. Kelly, Bellenden Primary School

The Medieval Days experience will treat your students to a real taste of historical life, and a day that they’ll never forget…

Trying on a medieval helmet
Trying on a medieval helmet

Why are Vikings often illustrated with horned helmets?
What was Henry VIII called by his contemporaries?  ( not Henry! )
Was the toga worn in Roman Britain?
How did Merlin appear in British history?
The execution of Charles I was revenged – but who escaped punishment?
Could you write with a real quill pen?
Did the Saxons suffer from bad stomachs?
Where did Humpty Dumpty originate?
Which men were recorded as having tails?
Would you enjoy medieval beer?
Who were the “hangers on?”

Some answers may surprise you……

Examining artefacts
Examining artefacts

In a typical  session, we will start by dressing up some volunteers in authentic period costume  in front of the group. We will explain the  resources that we have brought along and how they were used years ago. Most of the following items are  shown – and can be handled or worn as appropriate:

♦ Wearable medieval armour
♦ A pig faced bassinet helmet
♦ A great helm
♦ A Norman helmet
♦ A re-enactment quality medieval sword and sheath
♦ A full sized and weight Norman Shield
♦ A full weight chainmaille full jerkin and chainmaille coif (children can try these on and feel the weight!)
♦ Gauntlets
♦ Hand made arrows with various arrowheads
♦ A longbow
♦ A mace

Getting to grips with gauntlets!
Getting to grips with gauntlets!

And this is just for the medieval sessions!

We bring different resources relating to the period requested – always an amazing selection!
Genuine antiquities are included, all of which can be handled by the students.  This brings history to life in a far more powerful way than
just looking at the items behind glass in a museum

Learning archery
Learning archery

The sessions are VERY hands on!
All the children can try writing with a quill pen, playing with period toys, creating artwork by making rubbings from old carvings, spinning wool into long thread and
dressing up.  In addition, every pupils will be able to strike a hammered coin from the period which they can keep. 


Examining artefacts
Examining artefacts

And of course it’s not all weaponry! We will also bring:

♦ Wooden and pewter plates
♦ Trenchers
♦ Pottery tankards
♦ Leather drinking vessels
♦ Spices and herbs
♦ Horn items
♦ Period costume
♦ Period jewellery

and much more – we put on an amazing display to be handled and examined.

Wearing a maille jerkin
Wearing a maille jerkin

Competitions are arranged for students where small prizes are given (typical prizes include a genuine musket ball, a pouch containing chocolate gold coins, or a historical pendant or bracelet, especialy made for ouselves)

However, there is no fixed agenda, and often the input and questions posed by the students themselves move the session in one direction or another. Teachers may of course get as involved as they wish.
We can supply resource sheets and a feedback form for each student.

At the end of the sessions students should have a better understanding of how people from the past lived from day to day, and realise that they were just as clever as we are now – only that they viewed the world from their own perspective

We promise good fun and lots to talk about afterwards.

Pupils have said that is has been the best day in school ever!

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