Living History Workshops & Assemblies for your setting



From Julius Caesar to Boudicca...Emperor Claudius and Roman Remedies.

Explore the everyday life of a Celt or Roman in Roman Britain. 

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Invading and pillaging Britain, powerful Shield Maidens and Norseman Warriors. 

Explore the everyday life of the Saxons and Vikings.


Middle Ages

The Hundred Year War, The Wars of the Roses, The Battle of Hastings.

Many Battles proved the Middle Ages were dark times but full of fantasy and legend too. 

Explore the everyday life of a family in the Middle Ages. 



Probably the most famous royal family in British history. Six Wives, executions and extravagant court life. It wasn't like that for everyone though. 

Explore the everyday life of those at court and how different it would be for the poorer residents of England & Wales.

Time Travel


Our time travel 'lightning' sessions are short workshops of 1-2 hours long available to bring a creative spark to your topic. 

Using Role Play and Creative Arts to bring the most memorable moments in time to life. 

From the Stone Age to the 1980s. 

We also provide meet and great visits from Historical