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Medieval Days

Interactive Living History Visits

Stories, Artefacts, Costumes, Coin Making

and a whole lot of history.

The Medieval Days experience will treat your students to a real sneak peek into historical life, and a day that they’ll never forget…


  • Why are Vikings often illustrated with horned helmets?

  • What was Henry VIII called by his friends?                ( not Henry! )

  • Was the toga worn in Roman Britain?

  • How did Merlin appear in British history?

  • Could you write with a real quill pen?

  • Did the Saxons suffer from bad stomachs?

  • Where did Humpty Dumpty originate?

  • Which men were recorded as having tails?

  • What did Queen Elizabeth I brush her teeth with?

  • Who were the “hangers on?”

Some answers may surprise you……​

Find out all this and more with our engaging workshop days hosted by our talented team dressed to suit the time period of your choosing. 

We can offer a workshop set to one particular theme or time period or a whistle stop tour of the Celts through to the Stuarts. 

Everyone who attends gets to strike and keep their own silver coin with designs authentic to the time period as well as handle a number of fascinating artefacts, try on many costume pieces and explore and use the every day items of years gone by. There are even some prizes to hand out to the competitive ones amongst your group. 

Want to add something a bit more special?

Why not attend a Tudor Court Dance with a dance lesson from a lady in waiting?

Maybe you want to taste test or even try your hand at cooking some authentic recipes?

What about creating a beautiful piece of mosaic art in true Roman style? 

Although we have a basic package and a set way we would usually run things, our workshops aren't limited to one set package for everyone, we build our workshops to suit you and your needs, all you have to do is ask and we will always do our best. 

Available as assembly visits, half days and full days.

Although we are West Midlands/Shropshire based, our team are available to travel UK wide.  

How much will it cost?

Workshop options begin at £325 for a half day or £530 for a full day available UK Wide with an assembly only option for those in the Shropshire / Wolverhampton Area.

What is included?

Our basic package includes:

  • 1 or 2 practitioners dependent on student numbers. 

  • An interactive welcome presentation.

  • Every participating student will be able to strike and take home a 'silver' coin with an authentic design from the time period. 

  • An array of artefacts, replicas and costumes to try on and explore.

  • Authentic games and everyday activities from the time period such as quill writing or toys. 

  • Additional prizes for 'in workshop' competition winners.

  • Brass rubbing activity.

  • Role Play and drama opportunities. 

  • Optional add on activities. 

See our FAQ page for further information. 

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