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Time Travel

Lightning Sessions
and Character Meet 
and Greets! 

Stories, Engaging activities and an introduction or enhancement to a topic. 

Featuring key moments in history. 

  • The Great Fire of London

  • Victorian England

  • Evacuee Life / The Blitz

  • VE Day Celebrations

  • Florence Nightingale

  • The Spanish Armada

  • Christopher Columbus 

  • Stone Age

  • Ancient Egypt

  • Wild West

  • Dance through the decades

  • Anywhere in history right up to the 1980s

  • You tell us where you want to stop in time and we will take you!

Available as assembly visits

and 1-2 hour workshops. 

These sessions are a more 'low key' version of our Medieval Days visits whilst they don't feature our array of artefacts in a mini museum, they do feature props and other learning resources. 

How much will it cost?

Prices for a lighting session start from £150 per session and will be subject to additional travel fees where applicable. (We are based in Shropshire in the West Midlands) 

Meet and Greets are quoted individually dependent on your location and requirements for the visit.  

What is included?

Our basic package for a lightning session includes:

  • 1 or 2 practitioners dependent on student numbers. 

  • An interactive welcome presentation.

  • Engaging activities that take students back in time using creative arts to aid your students in gaining a love of history. 

  • Props/Resources for hands on activities. 

  • There are various focuses within these sessions, you can create a newspaper article, a tv report a radio report, a drama piece, a dance routine, some art work. So many options available and each one is adapted to be bespoke to the school we are visiting. 

Meet and Greets provide hot seat questioning, activities led by the character if required and plenty of photographic opportunities.  Whether you want Henry VIII and someone from the court to visit or Florence Nightingale, Boudicca or Samuel Pepys - there are a variety of characters you can meet. 

Email: to discuss your needs. 

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