School Viking Day
A School Viking visit presentation normally includes information on ancient Saxon as well as Viking culture.

Full sized Viking sword!
Full sized Viking sword!

In a typical viking workshop we will make the presentation in costume and bring a massive collection of Viking and Saxon resources to your school -weapons and armour including a full sized battle axe, Viking sword, bow and arrows. clothes, and a good selection of everyday items.
Everything can be handled by the pupils.

In a viking day session we will explore the day to day life, and look at the effects to a native Britain before and after the invasion.

Each pupil will be able to strike their own Viking “silver” penny using traditional coin dies in the authentic method – and they can keep their coin!

The pupils will be able to try on costume, armour including chainmail and helments, and partake in role play.

Our workshops will touch on religion, law, and other aspects Saxon and Viking culture.

As well as the coin striking, activities will include wool spinning, writing with real quill pens, and “dressing up”. We will lalk about the Viking “Berserker” and lean about a Viking “Thing”

The sessions can last anywhere beteen 45 minutes and two hours. If required, the teacher can take a class photograph with each pupil either holding an object or wearing a costume!

Full size Viking Battle Axe
Full size Viking Battle Axe

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