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Kings, Queens & Castles

Interactive Living History Visits
Created for Key Stage 1 

Characters, Stories, Artefacts, Games,

Costumes and Coin Making

Find out all this and more with our engaging workshop days hosted by our Medieval friends such as Lady Ingleby a lady in waiting or Boris Morris the Groom of the Stool.

Available as assembly visits, half days and full days.

Although we are West Midlands/Shropshire based, our team are available to travel UK wide.  

How much will it cost?

Workshop options begin at £325 for a half day or £530 for a full day available UK Wide with an assembly only option for those in the Shropshire / Wolverhampton Area.

What is included?

  • Experienced educators, who arrive in full costume, all Performing Arts trained, who really bring history to life!

  • A smooth booking process with our quality badge holding educate team.

  • An interactive welcome presentation looking at what it was like to build or live in a castle.

  • Where in the timeline do castles fit, we all know castles were built many years ago, but let's find out exactly where they sit on the timeline.

  • Every participating student will be able to strike and take home a 'silver' coin with an authentic King's head design.

  • An array of artefacts, replicas and costumes to try on and explore

  • Hands on activities

  • Authentic games and everyday activities from the time period

  • Additional prizes for 'in workshop' competition winners

  • Brass and wood rubbing activity with option to do some quill writing

  • Role Play and drama opportunities

See our FAQ page for further information. 

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