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Interactive Living History Visits

Stories, Artefacts, Costumes, Coin Making

and a whole lot of 7th century history.

Explore the day to day life of the 

Romans in Britain

  • What did The Romans wear?

  • What did they eat?

  • How far could you walk wearing a Roman helmet?

  • Was 'Caesar' more than just a name for a salad?

Find out all this and more with our engaging workshop days hosted by our Roman friends themselves. 

Available as assembly visits, half days and full days.

Although we are West Midlands/Shropshire based, our team are available to travel UK wide.  

How much will it cost?

Workshop options begin at £325 for a half day or £530 for a full day available UK Wide with an assembly only option for those in the Shropshire / Wolverhampton Area.

What is included?

  • Experienced educators, with performing arts experience who bring history to life! 

  • A theatrical welcome presentation, looking at what happened when the Romans were around and where they sit in the British History Timeline.

  • Every participating student will be able to witness how a coin is made via our Coin Striking kit and are able to take home a 'silver' coin with an authentic design from the Roman era.

  • An array of artefacts and toys within our mini museum to pick up and explore!

  • A 'Danger Table' featuring replica weapons - learn the names of different pieces and what they were used for. 

  • Wool Spinning - learn how clothes were made.

  • Authentic games

  • Mosaic Design

  • Role Play and drama activities

  • Train to join the Romans went to battle and a chance to re-create the famous Shield Formation; The Testudo!

See our FAQ page for further information. 

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